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Our 100% pure creatine Monohydrate is the highest quality, purest creatine available, giving you the ultimate in creatine results.

Dont be fooled by the less expensive creatine products. We use only creatine with no fillers or additives.

Micronized for fast absorption.

"Creatine improves strength, increase lean muscle mass, and help the muscles recover more quickly during exercise. This muscular boost may help athletes achieve bursts of speed and energy, especially during short bouts of high-intensity activities such as weight lifting or sprinting."

Creatine supplements will help your body produce more energy so you fatigue less during short, high-intensity exercise. Taking creatine will also help you increase muscle mass and strength


Both creatine and whey protein promote muscle gain, they differ in the ways they work. Creatine increases strength and muscle mass by increasing exercise capacity, whereas whey protein does so by stimulating increased muscle protein synthesis.